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The Sense Of An Ending Movie

We Brits have always been very good at showing everyday life, the banal life that people live. It gives the British film industry an identity, like a painter’s signature style. The Sense of an Ending is a film that takes up the banal lifestyle of Tony Webster (played by Jim Broadbent) and adds subtle details of secret. The secret of discovering ourselves.

First, and this is very important for the viewer who will see this film, it is not as clear as it suggests. The film has two CHRONOLOGIES that are also separated to present the secret of Tony’s past. There is the former Tony, who has already been explained, and the young Tony (played by Billy Howle) during his time at school and university, where he meets his ex-girlfriend Veronica and his best friend Adrian

The film focuses very much on the idea that our past will haunt us. Tony is a character who is about to enter into this rabble and suffer the consequences. Director Ritesh Batra and screenwriter Nick Payne present us with the perfect characteristics of contrition into Tony. His younger self was socially awkward but also arrogant and hospitalized because of the snail rhythm relationship he had with Veronica. He eventually becomes a grateful man and is more interested in the people around him. It’s an impressive character transformation that can be followed in scenes with Tony and a factor.

I was surprised to see the themes highlighted in the sense of an ending, there was a strong focus on the venereal frustration of young Tony, which was not at all implicit during the promotional materials of the films. In addition, the delightful family ties played an important role in the narrative development of the films. There is a secondary story involving the pregnancy of Tony’s daughter and the fixation of things with his ex-wife Margaret, which are used to reveal Tony’s self-centered nature. These themes suggest creating a well-rounded character in Tony, which in public sympathize with him because of his relatability.

Jim Broadbent is one of the best British actors and this is certainly reflected in his performance. He provides Tony with a vulnerable side and his expressionism pours information to the public about his character’s loneliness and the need for others around him, another trait highlighted in the scene with his family. Billy Howle and young Veronica, played by Freya Mavor, are also extraordinary, their romance is very believable and the slowness of their relationship is well highlighted.

British films tend to be very slow and very sluggish, which separates the boring from the captivating. The meaning of an ending, unfortunately, falls into the sluggish category of British films. It is very slow to begin, but it is true that slowly begins to show moments of commitment. Where I can forgive the slow pace of the movies, I can’t forgive the lack of meaning in different scenarios. Point in matter the secret surrounding the existence of Adrian’s diary, which was promised to Tony, is immediately leaved, I’m also sure we’ll never discover the truth about the newspaper in the film, but I might be wrong. If a film has many stories, it is my belief that they must share the same meaning and that everything should be carefully wrapped, both satisfying to the audience and satisfying to the film itself, the meaning of an ending does not succeed in doing so with the secret of the diary.

I understand that the movie is very centered on character, but the focus of the movies is so divided with making its fun even harder to find. In addition, since this is a character-oriented story, the amount of time and care should be revealed by your treatment on film yes? Well, not exactly in the matter of the meaning of an ending. The development of the character is somewhere, but you would have to venture into a jungle of unnecessary dialogue and long silence between the characters who speak in certain scenes. The dialogue in this film is mostly very good, but there are scenes where the dialogue does not bring anything to the characters. For example, during a scene with young Tony at dinner with the family of young Veronica, the scene is very clumsy and boring. Some may argue that the scene is very close to real life, because meeting someone’s parents for the first time can be annoying, but it is the dialogue that makes the scene useless or at most could be shortened.

All in all, I like the secret that surrounds the film, but I feel that this film is very rushed over the film screens to fill the void, I think the film would have a greater reputation and an even stronger reception if it had been made for television. Nevertheless, I applaud director Ritesh Batra for his work in recreating these strong characters and gave the book that it was adapted by Justice. If the movie had a more engaging pace, then maybe I would have a much greater viewing experience.

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