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The Biggest Motorcycle Relay In History

Good. I have News for you.

The event will take place in Canada on September 29 and in the United States in October. I Ducachica, I am very proud to say. Participate in this World motorcycle Relay and 2. take part in the opening ceremony at Trev Deeley Motorcycles on the morning of September. 14.

My Goal?

To cross Canada, from Vancouver to Montreal, with my Women Riders World Relay teammates, on my Ducati Scrambler.

You heard it right.

I will do a total of 4525 km from the east coast to the west coast with my beautiful shuttle.

Me, my bike and the world
I have been publicly surfing in the motorcycle world for about 2 years and have since been shown many different bikes from different manufacturers.

And. I never thought about replacing my bike for anything else. I love my commuter. Me really. It’s beautiful, it’s powerful enough for me, it has a slightly low seat so I can touch the floor easily, it’s not too heavy and it brings me pride and joy every time I use it.

Since I officially registered to participate in the Women Riders World Relay, my partner has not stopped annoying me and saying that after 4525 kilometers with my commuter, that is, once this adventure is over, I want to exchange my bike for a touring bike or an adventure bike.

Until today, I still believe that I can prove Injustice to him.

We’ll see in a few weeks if he was right… or dummy!

When it comes to long distance travel, there are a few important things to consider:

Make sure your bike is ready for long distance travel: check tires, lights, liquids, breaks, turn signals, clutch, etc. you can also bring an extra tire if you want, just to play on the safe side.
Make sure you have the appropriate documents, such as your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, insurance papers, health card, etc.
Make sure you have the right equipment for the different weather conditions, i.e. Equipment for cool and warm temperatures, rain gear, an extra pair of gloves, not to mention the main equipment such as a certified helmet, eye and hearing protection, motorcycle boots, etc.

For the success of the trip, it is essential to be well prepared for a motorcycle trip.

⇨ Remember to pack the light, which means taking half of the things you think you need and putting it aside. Then take the remaining half, and cut it in half. You really should bring.

High speed!
For the season, I will be wearing my Dainese Carve Master 2 GORE-Tex jacket and pants. This two-piece suit from Dainese is extremely sturdy, waterproof, breathable and also very comfortable. I absolutely love this 3-Season motorcycle jacket.

To be on the safe side, I also bring 2 base layers of merino wool that I can wear under my jacket (the merino wool is light and breathable and regulates the temperature while remaining comfortable), as well as a raincoat.

Never know. It’s September!

For the warmer weather, I’ll be wearing my Motogirl Kevlar Leggings, which in my opinion are the most comfortable, safe and stylish motorcycle Leggings on the market (and I’m totally honest here !). The leggings are absolutely fantastic!

For shoes, I will wear the new Dainese Aurora Lady D-Waterproof Boots. Dainese designed the new Aurora Lady D-Waterproof Boots to meet the needs of women traveling long distances, even in adverse weather conditions, which is exactly what I am looking for for the relay. The weather here in Canada can be quite unpredictable and I want to keep my feet dry as much as possible throughout the season.

I tested the Aurora Boots for the first time 2 months ago and on the first day I went for a ride, it was raining slightly outside. After a 2-hour ride, my feet were still dry. I’ve probably worn the boots 30 times since then and have never had any problems.

The boots will withstand 4525 km, with rain possible… and the snowfall?

We will find out…

As for gloves, I will mainly wear my Dainese Carbon D1 Long Lady gloves. These gloves are perfect for long distance travel, as they are long, waterproof, sturdy and also quite comfortable. These gloves from Dainese are also well built; they have good palm, ankle and wrist protection, which is exactly what I want for this trip. I will also bring a second pair of gloves (Klim inversion gloves) just to be on the safe side.

Some modifications are needed on the bike
For the relay, I proudly drive my Ducati Scrambler. As the Scrambler was originally built for commuting, I need to modify it a bit to make it ready for long-distance travel. That’s why I added handguards, a larger windshield, heated handles and a few other gadgets.

Hand guards

I added Barkbusters hand guards to the Scrambler to distract from the wind and rain and protect my hands. I ordered some Barkbuster on, including hand guards and mounting kit. Installing the handguards on the Scrambler was quite simple. It took me about 20 minutes to mount both pieces, which is not bad at all, given that I had never installed a handguard before.

Wider Windshield

When I first bought my Ducati Scrambler Icon, it had a small windshield as standard which, frankly, looks good, but is simply not enough for long-distance travel.

After installing my new GIVI windshield, I did a few laps to test it, and it works great, to be honest. It definitely deflects the Wind on my Helmet and makes the Ride smoother. The only drawback: since the windshield passes directly over the front lamp of the Scrambler, a knock is heard at higher speeds, for example, on the highway. So I added a small piece of foam between the underside of the windshield and the front light, and voila!

The Noise is gone.

Phone holder and GPS
GPS devices can be a bit expensive; everyone knows it.

After trying to find a GPS device that would not immediately empty my wallet, I decided to use my phone as my main navigation device. I like the fact that my Scrambler is a standard bike, with very few features or Add-Ons. I had never installed a phone or GPS mount before, but for this trip it was essential to install one.

amera, VCR and communication system

For this 4525 km trip, I bring my Canon DSLR camera to take pictures, as well as my Sony Exmor Steadyshot Action camera. As no photographer raised his hand to mark and film the season (Ha! Ha!So I will mount an action camera on the side of my helmet and try to capture as many landscapes as possible (like most pilots).

Communication devices are a must when it comes to long distance travel. Recently I was approached from EJEAS for your new waterproof EJEAS Quick20 Intercom to test. It is a real-time intercom for 2 people coupled with a Smartphone. The EJEAS Quick20 system should have a range of 1200 meters and also has a 40 mm speaker with high-quality sound.

I took the communication system for a few trips to familiarize myself with this before the Relay.

Judgment so far?

The communication system is a bit user-friendly; it has 4 buttons and a wheel for volume control and FM radio stations. To get a better idea of the quality and ease of use of the device, I bring the device and wear it all year round.

Luggage storage

In the world of motorcycle luggage, there are many choices. For this trip, I will use my two Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro Waterproof Side Bag and Magnetic Tank Bag, as well as my Mosko Moto Backcountry duffle Bag 40 L.

Ducati Scrambler side pockets and magnetic bags are waterproof, lightweight and easy to carry. All bags are equipped with arm straps, so they can easily be worn as Messenger Bags when you are not on the bike. These Ducati Scrambler bags are very useful for short-distance travel, but they may not be the best side bags for long-distance travel, as they are quite small and less robust than Mosko Moto bags.

That said. I will give you a Chance to prove myself wrong and use you for this trip. I’ll let them know how they behaved when I get to my final destination.

The Mosko Moto Backcountry bag was brilliantly designed by Mosko Moto. It is made of 22oz PVC and ballistic nylon materials, which makes it very sturdy and abrasion resistant and water resistant.

Brief. It is made for long distance travel!

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