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Latest EJEAS Quick20 Multi User Intercom System

The Chinese company recently launched its EJEAS Quick20 multi-user intercom system with the aim of providing a user-friendly communication system with BT features such as:

  • Fast pairing phone with short range NFC wireless technology
  • 2 – person real-time intercom-2-Second pairing
  • Waterproof (rain, mud, dust, snow)
  • High Quality Speakers / Sound
  • Intercom range of 1200 meters


The EJEAS Quick20 is a Bluetooth communication device that combines Audio from your phone, GPS and music player with a bike to bike intercom.

The Quick20 is lightweight, robust and waterproof. The arrangement of the device is quite pleasant and has 4 buttons and a small wheel for volume control or when switching radio stations. To turn on the system, you just need to press the “moto” button and hold it for 2 seconds. The device then says: turn on. If you have already paired the device with your phone, you will not need to pair it again next time, as the system will automatically connect to your device after pairing.

When installing the intercom, it is quite easy to lay cables for the speakers and microphone in the headset. EJEAS also offers clear Instructions on how to do this is, to facilitate the Task.

EJEAS Quick20 Test

I tested the EJEAS Quick20 system when I participated in the Women Riders World Relay in September 2019 (for almost 5500 kilometers).

Therefore, I have a pretty good idea of the quality of the product and how it works.

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Bluetooth v4. 2 connectivity allows you to pair the device with your phone, music player and GPS, as well as a second user using the same communication system, The EJEAS Quick20.

According to the Instructions, it is quite easy to EJEAS Quick20 with a Smartphone to pair. However, pairing with another user was not as smooth. At first I had a little trouble pairing the intercom with my driver friend, but after doing it several times it seemed easier.

The best qualities? Battery life and high quality speakers. The sound quality is very good for listening to music and the noise cancellation system works very well.

As for the battery life, I used the device every day for about 700 km / day during my long-distance trip and was able to use the communication system for almost 2 days without recharging it, which, in my opinion, is very good.

Interphone Range:

To properly test this 2-person intercom, we, me and a pilot friend, did a few bike rides together. To test the range of the intercom, we also drove several times out of range and back.


The range of the device is unfortunately not as good as advertised, but both devices reconnect quickly and automatically when they are back in range. Connectivity between two conductors is good as long as each conductor has a clear line of sight to the next conductor. We thought the range was about 500-800 meters, instead of the claimed 1200 meters.

As for clarity, I could hear the other runner on my side very well at a distance of 500-800 meters, when he often had trouble hearing me. The reception on my side was clear and the noise cancellation system worked great, but that was not the matter for my driver friend. With my voice, he could hear the wind and the sound of my engine. All this to say that the noise reduction system could probably be improved a little.


Overall, the buttons have decent shapes and sizes and are slightly easy to touch and handle, except perhaps for the reset button and wheel.

The dial is used to adjust the volume or change the radio station. Although the wheel is quite smooth and well designed, it is a little too sensitive to touch. I often ride in thick, waterproof gloves, and spinning the wheel the way I wanted to was not always an easy task. When sitting on a motorcycle, you need to focus on the road, and not on the communication system on the side of your helmet. Focusing on the road and the device at the same time bothered me a little over time.

What I mean by that is that almost every time I want, for example, to turn off the Radio (the FM radio button is at the top of the device towards the back), I almost always accidentally touch the wheel and end up turning up the volume or changing the radio station.

Fun fact: One day I heard a few songs on my phone while I was driving and wanted to switch to FM radio at some point. I then pressed the FM radio button, which usually immediately stops the phone from playing songs, but this time both the Radio and the phone were playing songs at the same time which I found a bit strange. However, this happened only once.

The reset button (RST) on the side is a little too small, making it impossible to touch it while driving. This button is used to quickly turn off the intercom, but you can also turn it off by holding down the motorcycle button and MODE button for 2 seconds. Even if the motorcycle button is larger than the reset button and protrudes a little, it is still a little difficult to handle it while driving, especially if you have to hold down the Mode button at the same time.

I must admit that the multifunction key (middle key) is quite user-friendly. It is used to answer incoming calls, hang up the phone, call the last dialed number or switch from volume control to radio station mode and vice versa.

The EJEAS Quick20 intercom also has a pop-up antenna that fits into the top of the device. It is designed to improve the range and clarity of the intercom. That being said. Personally, I don’t see any difference or improvement in clarity or range when I raise the Antenna. The Antenna is also a bit difficult to lift with gloves on, though. I suggest you lift the Antenna before jumping on your bike.

Robust and waterproof
Simple layout
High quality sound when listening to music and GPS instructions
High Battery Life


The wheel is sensitive to touch, especially when riding with thick gloves
Short connectivity range between 2 conductors
Noise cancellation system could be a little improved when you switch to the 2-riders intercom mode or call mode

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