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Game Updates Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fruit Ninja did incredibly well on the App Store and for good reason: its fruit cutting gameplay was perfect for the short burst game offered by the iPhone. It also felt comfortable on a touchscreen device, offering a precise sword by swiping your finger across the screen. It was also 59p. on the Xbox 360 Fruit Ninja Kinect is not on a platform that is perfect for short burst games, there is no touchscreen and it costs 800 Microsoft points. But it works and is fun.

The basics of the gameplay are essentially the same as on the handheld: cut the fruits to earn points, cut a number of combo points, avoid blow up and try not to miss any fruits. The rules vary between each type of game, but the basic mechanic sees how you beat your arms (and legs, if you like) and cut different juicy fruits in half.

All modes of the iPhone game are included here with some exclusives that can only be found in the game 360. Classic asks you to cut fruits while avoiding blow up, the game only ends if you miss three fruits or hit a blow up. The requirement to hit all the fruits while dodging blow up means that the classic mode is the biggest test of Kinect’s functionality and accuracy, and for the most part the hardware does the job very well.

At first it is difficult to judge where exactly you are cutting (the game puts a silhouette of your body on the screen), but after a few games both hands will whistle on the screen with a slightly lower accuracy than the touch interface on the iPhone. There is a little lag in your inputs, but nothing that is not noticed by anyone who is not looking for it, and the ability to wave two arms seems more natural than swiping two fingers across the touch screen.

The most immediately accessible are Arcade and Zen, which take place in timed conditions, but do not have a game on penalties. The arcade mode throws points-reduction blow up, but you are still playing until the countdown is complete, while Zen is just you against the fruit. Zen mode can be the place where you will set your decoupage skills without the stress of other game modes, but the arcade is the place where the most fun is done.

In addition to the blow up mentioned, Arcade launches a series of power-up bananas that change the game through double points, fruit frenzy or greatly slowed time. A grenade also appears during the arcade and classic games, slowing down time and allowing you to cut the poor PURPLE fruit into pulp before it explodes, clearing the screen in the process. This found its way into the iPhone version in the recent update and works brilliantly in the Kinect version of the game.

New to Fruit Ninja Kinect is the Challenge mode, where you have to achieve certain goals: 50 points in Zen mode, 150 points in Classic Mode, etc.These are a nice way to jump straight into the action with a clear goal, but there doesn’t seem to be a steady increase in difficulty. You can have a series of achievable challenges with your eyes closed, followed by something that requires ninja reflexes, making it frustrating moments.

Multiplayer for two players includes the versus mode found in the iPhone game (slice your colorful fruit, avoid the fruit of your opponent, and try to get the white fruit first), in which the highest score wins, as well as a team mode in which you just chop the fruits together. The Versus mode is the most fun, but as with all Kinect games, you’ll need a little space to avoid crashes resulting from swivel arms.

As a word of warning, Fruit Ninja Kinect is one of the most active games available for the device. It’s incredibly easy to get carried away with your slice and after each session you can expect your shoulders to feel it – a bonus for anyone who uses Kinect to inject an activity into their normal daily routine.

There’s no denying that Fruit Ninja Kinect is great fun when played alone or with friends, and makes excellent use of the Kinect hardware, but it’s also a bit too expensive compared to the iPhone offering. You get a little more content, but I can’t help thinking that you’re paying for a muscular mini-game. However, if you own Kinect fruit Ninja is one of the best experiences for this.

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