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Check Out This Power Rangers Movie

There will be times in Power Rangers when you could roll with your eyes. These moments are usually the result of scarf events that only serve to advance the action. On the other hand, this is also part of what makes the Film successful, as it never manages to take itself too seriously (like a failed Transformers or Batman Vs. Superman). He manages to stand on their own while paying to the TV show.

For its small flaws, the Film as a whole is both entertaining and entertaining. For those of you who have never watched The TV show (shame on you!), it is about five children who find special stones that were buried long ago after an alien war. They soon learn that they must become the Power Rangers to stop an evil force that wants to finish the world.

True, the concept is the same, but the Film goes even further, with a strong emphasis on character development. Each of the situations of the characters is directly related to what is happening in today’s society. A misunderstood bully. A messed-up Jock who doesn’t seem to get out of his way. A child who has to grow up before he is ready because he has assumed the role of the man of the house. These are only three of the five Stories. I don’t want to ruin others for you. Side note: Not only do I have no problem with the character choice for Billy, I thought it was a good note.

Power Rangers suffers from a few cheesy moments that sometimes interrupt the flow of the film. Think of it as a cold, but not a Flu. I was also hoping for a little more Action, but I think the point of this movie was to get the audience to actually take care of the characters, which is something that many other action movies lack.

I can’t wait to see what happens when you make a sequel. The budget should be bigger (which hopefully means better CGI) and you’ve already indicated that some characters we can expect to see (stay for the post-credits scene). With a funny but serious Tone, Power Rangers is a solid watch that is worth your theater dollars. I give him an 85.

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