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Check Out This Family Motorcycle Riding

Some parents prefer to ride a bicycle alone so that they can spend time alone and escape from everyday life for a moment.

Quite understandable!

Motorcycling is good for mental health and certainly a way to escape from everyday life, work-related stress and everyday life in general.

On the other hand, other drivers take their children on their motorcycle rides and include them in their hobbies and activities, no matter what.

I came to ask myself.

How many people actually ride with their children on the backs of their bikes?

We recently interviewed nearly 100 riders from around the world and asked them: “How often do you take your kids on their motorcycle adventures?”

To my surprise, most of the female drivers surveyed seem to regularly take their children on their motorcycle adventures.

Ride A Motorcycle With Child Passengers

Driving with passengers is very different from driving alone. The Bike reacts more slowly with a Passenger. The heavier your passenger, the longer it takes to slow down, stop or accelerate.

Our survey found that 96% of drivers feel safe carrying their son or daughter on the back of their bike.

In most countries, children are allowed to ride motorcycles as passengers. As long as this is done safely and “reasonable precautions” are taken. These include, but are not limited to:

A Motorcycle with a Seat for an extra person.

Have a bike equipped with passenger footrests and make sure the child can reach them.
Equip the child with the right motorcycle equipment (i.e. a DOT, SNELL or ECE approved helmet, as well as appropriate protective clothing, shoes and eye protection).

To further secure your small passenger, you can also purchase a restraint system, such as a passenger seat belt or a passenger seat belt.

Horse riding, if You have Children

Some people observe the motorcycle when the children enter the picture, where others share their passion with their children and involve them in their adventures.

We recently interviewed 98 riders and asked them if they still have time to ride on a daily basis and, most importantly, if they bring their children.

Our survey found that 70% of drivers involve their children most of the time in their cycling adventures and that 23% of drivers surveyed bring their children from time to time.

Do children really like horse riding?

Most children like to ride on their parents ‘ motorcycles on their backs. There’s nothing cooler than dropping the kids off at school and seeing the expression on other kids ‘ faces when they see their classmate getting off the bike!

Most children like to get involved in what their parents like. Corn. You probably don’t want to spend all day doing what your parents want to do.

Our survey also found that 7% of children from cycling families owned their own bikes (mostly Dirtbikes). My son certainly contributes to this figure since he drives a Yamaha TTR110.

This figure does not necessarily represent reality. Our survey focused on whether parents brought their children to ride bicycles and did not focus on the number of children who owned bicycles.

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