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Check Out Cut the Rope Experiments

Cut The Rope has been one of the App Store’s biggest success stories, and its skill-based Puzzle challenges have made it a lot more fun than Angry Birds has ever been. Yeah, I was there.

Cut The Rope: Experiments then takes the worn business model of iterating a few new features in addition to some new artwork to make you buy the same product a second time.

I don’t necessarily mean this negatively, but there’s not much to offer here that you can’t get in The Original Cut the Rope, and it would have been better to have a few more challenging puzzles for the millions of people who have already purged the Original-it tends to lean a little too close to this painfully simple for my liking.

But it’s good! Don’t Panic. What you get, at least until ZeptoLab inevitably adds a few extra level packs, is the voice of a mad scientist and 75 extra levels that revolve around two new Gadgets – the experiments, if you will, that come in the form of rope guns and suction cups. In addition to all this, the objects from the first game are sitting, such as trampolines, bubbles and good old spikes.

For the most part, this is a sequel to Cut The Rope’s additional content packs: add 25 more levels and themate them around a new puzzle element. The rope gun and suction cup add weight to the regular momentum of the puzzles, and even if you don’t take more than an afternoon to browse through all the new content, it’s fun as long as it lasts.

One of the reasons Cut The Rope works so well is due to the animated nature of its puzzles; they are usually completed in less than 20 seconds and it is subliminally easy to restart and have another crack if you accidentally get it wrong. It’s best to strike dazzling shots with relative ease and throw a small ball of candy around a card before dropping it into the Gob of a green thing that I imagine Chillingo will probably try to make a stuffed one in the near future.

Some of the new puzzles actually show the creative energy of ZeptoLab, but for the most part we are sold another piece of an admittedly fun game. Still, it is difficult to feel shortsighted when looking at the Weenie price and, more importantly, it is impossible to discount the enjoyment derived from its content.

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